Allied Student

Placement and Volunteer Programs

Our student placement programs are intended to service as an introduction to the practice of law. Our students often have very little, if any, prior experience in a law practice/setting. Our goal is to transition the students and volunteers into a busy work setting.

All our students are treated as placement students in virtually all respects. They are provided the opportunity to learn all aspects of our practice and gain the experience to be a fully functional employee at the conclusion of the placement/volunteer term.

We have several positioned senior staff to help guide and accelerate the professional development of the students and volunteers.

Students are encouraged to speak and function with confidence and take part, with our clients’ consent, in examinations, meetings, settlement discussions, LAT case conferences, new client intakes, etc.

We strive to ensure that our students are provided with the resources to drastically improve their skills, confidence and gain valuable experience that can be translated to future success and growth.

Over our past student and volunteer program history, numerous students have immediately accepted positions at our firm or at other practices.